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We are a filter bags and cags manufacturer of baghouse and dust collection, especially star/ pleat ones. Located in Zhangjiagang City, it is about one and half hours from Shanghai. Started star bags and cages business from 2012, there are over 300 thousands products running to protect our living home. 

Understanding the demand of imported material in the domestic market which differs in quality, we had started importing material from the worldwide to meet the needs and wants of our customers.

Product Application

1.Aluminium Plant  :  PE bag is applied in electrolysis fume.PPS Bag isapplied in aluminium hydroxide calcination.

2.Cement Plant       :  PE bag used in : cement mill,crushing machine,leather belt,the top of shipment silo,package and etc

3.Power Plant          :  It is comonly use PPS bag,mainly used in boiler tail gas.

4.Steel Plant            :  PE bag is mainly used in casting house,ore bunker,sintering machine end and finished product transportation.

5.ChemicalPlant      :  Use PTFE and meta-aramid bag and mainly in high temperature and high corrosive condition.

6.Non-Ferrous Metal Smelt Plant:  P84 bag is mainly used in aluminium smelting,copper furnace,gold smelt,& other non ferrous metal

7.Glass Plant            :  Use PTFE & P84 composited PTFE for dust collect or dust collect after desulfurization

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