Common uses of aluminium in the packaging sector

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar March 26, 2023

Aluminium's lightweight yet robust nature makes it one of the most accepted metals in packaging. AlCircle's industry-focused report 'Aluminium Industry Outlook 2023' reveals that the global aluminium usage in packaging applications was estimated at 14.7 million tonnes in 2022 and is forecast to reach 15.2 million tonnes by 2023, growing by about 3.3 per more


The demand for aluminium in the production of solar panels

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar March 19, 2023

Aluminium usage is vital in the world's transition to clean energy usage. A World Bank report states that aluminium is the only high-impact and cross-cut metal in all potential clean power technologies. Due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties, the metal is used in making solar more


Aluminium extrusions in the building and construction sector

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar March 5, 2023

The use of aluminium will undoubtedly revolutionize the renewable energy industry, and it is likely to intensify the adoption of clean energy in several other energy-intensive sectors. It is time decarbonization and carbon neutrality are taken seriously to ensure sustainable development, prolonged growth, and availability of resources for future more


Use Of aluminium in the renewable energy industry

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar February 26, 2023

The use of aluminium will undoubtedly revolutionize the renewable energy industry, and it is likely to intensify the adoption of clean energy in several other energy-intensive sectors. It is time decarbonization and carbon neutrality are taken seriously to ensure sustainable development, prolonged growth, and availability of resources for future more


What will be the commodity price outlook for 2023?

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar February 10, 2023

2022 was a year of disruptions marked by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia geopolitical tension, the EU's energy crisis, the US's monetary policy, and covid lockdowns in China. However, 2023 is a good year for the commodities market as prices are set to decline and soften inflation. So how does the metal market look in 2023? What is the global aluminium industry outlook 2023 for aluminium more


Aluminium recycling rate to surpass the 2022 target

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar January 31, 2023

The demand for aluminium foil is rising, and the credit goes to the proliferating food and beverage industry. Due to its recyclable nature, end users, such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry, and others, are adopting aluminium foil packaging in more significant more


Future Redefined: Airbus unveils aluminium-bodied DisruptiveLab

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar January 6, 2023

It’s a lab. It’s a flying lab. It’s a flying lab made of aluminium! Yes, Airbus recently debuted a futuristic laboratory - using futuristic lightweight metal - and named it more


Demand for aluminium foil in the post-covid era

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar December 30, 2022

Although every industry is bouncing back from the effects of the covid pandemic, the recovery rate varies for each. Some are making a comeback faster than others, and the aluminium foil industry is one such industry. Thanks to the proliferating food and beverage industry, the demand for aluminium foil is rising. It is believed that this industry will grow at a CAGR of 3.27% between the forecast periods 2022 to 2028. The North American market will likely contribute to 32% of the growth. So why is aluminium foil becoming popular, and will it grow more


Why does aluminium outperform any other metal for smartphone body material?

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar December 17, 2022

The smartphone market has drastically evolved in the last decade- displays have become wider, phones have become stylish, and every new model has an extra camera than the previous one with higher resolution. Yet, the materials used have been consistent in making these phones. Plastic and glass are two everyday items used in manufacturing mobile phones. Another widely used element is more


Aluminium on the wheels: Top 3 latest ‘Electric Vehicle’ models unveiled in 2022

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar December 7, 2022

With growing environmental consciousness amongst consumers globally, electric vehicles are steadily capturing the markets, and the newly launched EVs are proof. According to the latest data, the EV market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 24.3%, exhibiting exponential growth between 2021-2028. Besides the consumers who have been grappling with the rapidly escalating fuel costs, aluminium makers and vehicle manufacturers are also optimistic about the developments. This is because aluminium forms a crucial part of EVs. The lightweight metal considerably reduces the weight of the vehicles, making them more fuel efficient; therefore, automobile manufacturers can cut down on battery sizes and more


Aluminium train rakes: More benefits, lesser carbon footprint

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar November 27, 2022

A report published in early 2021 highlighted that aluminium is becoming a strategic sector for India and improving cost efficiency in the transportation sector. Previously, a 2018 NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) report claimed that aluminium would help India stay true to the CO2 emission norms. Cut to 2022- India, along with one of the leading aluminium manufacturers, has already started its journey to environmental sustainability. Niti Aayog serves as the apex public policy think tank of the Government of India and advice the centre and states on policy more


Sustainability on the go with aluminium coffee pods

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar November 20, 2022

Aluminium is not just an abundantly found metal; it is also a very versatile metal which can adapt according to usage. For years, aluminium has shielded everyday culinary items from the air, moisture, and light exposure, including butter, chocolate, and coffee. Foods stay fresher for longer due to the unique capacity of aluminium to guard against dangerous elements, reducing wasteful more


Busting the myths around aluminium window frames

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar November 13, 2022

Aluminium has been used in various end-user sectors, including the Construction & Fenestration sector. According to the latest statistics, around 40 per cent of the aluminium produced in the United Kingdom is used for construction. Aluminium has made modern architecture possible. From cloud-piercing, high-rise buildings to jaw-dropping corporate offices, aluminium is more


Anodized aluminium or stainless steel - who's dominating your kitchen?

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar November 6, 2022

Modern kitchens are often full of stainless steel cookware. However, before this cookware came around, people widely used aluminium. In recent times, this cookware is again making a comeback- this time in a hard anodized form, and its future looks promising. According to a recent study, the hard anodized aluminium cookware market is expected to experience a multi- million dollar growth by more


Have you started your plastic to aluminium transition yet? It's high time!

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar October 30, 2022

The perils of using plastics are known to all, and with the growing environmental concerns, industries are actively seeking other sustainable alternatives. The rising popularity of aluminium for its recycling and other abilities has earned it the nickname 'Green Metal'. According to The Aluminium Association, the aluminium recycling rates in industries such as construction and automobiles are more


Aluminium- The metal to bet big on as the era of EVs unfold

Contributed by: Team AlCirclecalendar October 23, 2022

In pursuit of lowering carbon footprint and the growing emphasis on adapting environment- friendly technologies, the future of electric vehicles seems to be promising. This is not just good news for the automotive industry, the future of which undoubtedly seems bright, but also the rise in demand for EVs is the harbinger of hope for the aluminium industry. Now that the era of EVs is unfolding, aluminium is all set to become the metal of the more


Some trend setting uses of aluminium in the packaging sector

Contributed by: Debanjali Senguptacalendar October 14, 2022

Amid increasing innovations and experiments in the packaging industry, the significant demand and uses of aluminium are undeniable. The more the consumer preference is shifting to sustainable and environment-friendly packaging solutions, the more the ingenious uses of aluminium are being reported in the packaging sector. Indeed, world-leading packaging companies like Ball Corporation and Crown Holdings are contributing to the innovations, while many others are stepping to the more


Typical usage of aluminium flat rolled products

Contributed by: Sarnali Chakrabortycalendar October 6, 2022

Aluminium is the future metal due to its unique and environment-friendly attributes. The use and reach of silvery-white, lightweight metal are increasing rapidly. From industries to households, aluminium can be seen almost more


Aluminium and its innovative applications in the end-user sector

Contributed by: Mayurakshi Gangulycalendar September 23, 2022

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals for manufacturing end-use products. From water vessels to the railway, window frames to spacecraft components, or electronic appliances to beverage cans, aluminium applications in the end-user sector know no bounds. With every passing year, the use of aluminium in end-use products is seeing a significant rise to match a unique level of innovation. Low density, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and high thermal conductivity are some of the prime properties responsible for the growing use of more


Innovation, sustainability and aluminium - Apple's path to the future

Contributed by: Sarnali Chakrabortycalendar September 17, 2022

Innovation and class are the two words which describe Apple. The American multinational technology giant is known globally for its cool gadgets and electronics and for its sustainable measures to protect the environment. Along with meeting the ever-growing demand for their products, the company also considers environmental concerns and energy more


Architects' favourite metal, aluminium

Contributed by: Sarnali Chakrabortycalendar September 09, 2022

From humble beginnings to landmark achievements, aluminium has been a driving force in revolutionising the architectural sector. Aluminium has changed the image of modern towns and cities. From prominent landmarks to small-scale structures, the use of this versatile metal is increasing with the passing more


Aluminium scrap: The key to a sustainable environment

Contributed by: Sarnali Chakrabortycalendar August 31, 2022

Have you ever considered the consequences of not reducing carbon emissions from our environment? Now is the time to get started!

The meaning of scrap might be less significant in our day-to-day life, but things are pretty different in the metal industry, especially aluminium. Most people widely use and prefer metals, and aluminium is one of them. Nowadays, it is regarded as an essential raw material for more


The aluminium industry and its journey towards emission reduction

Contributed by: Sarnali Chakrabortycalendar August 13, 2022

Have you ever considered the consequences of not reducing carbon emissions from our environment? Now is the time to get started!

Emission reduction can be called the need of the hour. The aluminium industry aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 77 per cent before 2050. Aluminium production causes around 1.1 billion tonnes more


Applications of Aluminium in the Communication Industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 05, 2022

Aluminium is a metal with many applications in the construction and automotive industries. But aluminium usage is constantly increasing in other sectors as well; communication & telecommunication is one of those industries where applications of aluminium and alloys are growing. Below are some of the more


Aluminium, the ultimate spotlight of the EV industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 21, 2022

Did you know that transportation sector alone contributes towards the largest share of the greenhouse gas emission?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not just the wave of the future but also a more sustainable approach toward a greener and cleaner environment. EVs are a mode of transportation that uses electricity to function. Compared to conventional vehicles, EVs are much more user-friendly and convenient for the environment. They utilise an electric motor powered by electricity from batteries or a fuel cell, as opposed to traditional vehicles that use gasoline (petrol) or diesel-powered more


Aluminium cans : A better supporter of circular economy

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 17, 2022

A circular economy is a framework for systems-level solutions addressing issues including pollution, waste, biodiversity loss, and climate change. By shifting away from take-make-consume-throw away economic model, we can achieve greater sustainability. Recycling and reusing waste are aspects of circular economies that involve using resources less frequently, re-designing materials to be less resource-intensive, and recovering and reusing waste. In actuality, it refers to minimising waste. When a product reaches the end of its useful life, its components are wherever possible preserved within the economy. These may be productively applied repeatedly, adding more more


Aluminium Recycling turning into a need of the hour to protect environment & economy

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 08, 2022

In today's socio-economic environment, when the globe is abuzz with challenges such as a growing global population, rising carbon emissions, rising energy costs, and a scarcity of feedstock, recycling is proving to be a need rather than a source of concern. Fortunately, aluminium is one of the few metals that is 100 per cent recyclable and does not lose its original quality throughout the recycling process. Aluminium recycling promotes the twin ideals of sustainability and more


Importance of Industry 4.0 in the aluminium industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 01, 2022

Industry 4.0 describes technological and organizational changes in enterprises that include, among other things, digitization and automation of technological processes. This paper cites a state-of-the-art juncture in the industrial revolution that relies decisively on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time more


Aluminium Industry Dynamics in Oceania

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 25, 2022

Oceania is home to diverse economies ranging from highly developed and globally competitive financial markets of Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zealand and New Caledonia, ranking distinctly for quality of life and Human Development Index to much less developed economies such as Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Western New Guinea, in addition to medium-sized economies of the Pacific islands such as Fiji, Palau, and Tonga. However, the largest and most populous country in Oceania is Australia, and the largest city is more


Aluminium Ingot

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 25, 2022

Sure we see aluminium or products made of aluminium around us in our daily lives, but little do we know about the value chain of the metal. So, this is the space today to get acquainted with aluminium, talking of which ingot is the pure form of metal cast into a shape suitable for further processing. Aluminium ingots are heated past its melting point and cast into a bar or block using a mold chill method. Molds are available in different shapes and sizes, lending ingots a variety of more


The metal of the future: Aluminum

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 19, 2022

Aluminium has been one of the very few industries where global production and consumption have constantly been increasing over the past decade. According to the data revealed by International Aluminium Institute (IAI), the global aluminium production in 2021-22 reached 67 million tonnes. Various existing and upcoming sectors are using aluminium more and more each more


Importance of E-commerce platform in the aluminium industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 19, 2022

Over the last two decades, E-commerce has transformed the pattern of consumption with its technological advancement. Owing to simple and quick purchasing model and easy payment methods, E-commerce trend has been widespread, especially in the B2C sector, while the B2B world has also started catching up fast. From the entertainment to apparels, food to real estate, industries have adopted the digital way of doing business. Even the metal industry is not lagging behind in embracing the digital more


Know about the world’s eight leading alumina refineries

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 11, 2022

Alumina or aluminium oxide (Al2O3), the key raw material for producing aluminium, is a white powder extracted from bauxite through Bayer process. The growing demand for aluminium across the world is leading to an increased number of refineries. Also, since the significance of the ore in the upstream aluminium sector is inevitable, more and more aluminium producers are building refineries or expanding existing facilities to secure the source more


Interesting facts about aluminium

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 11, 2022

Among its many advantages, aluminium has a low density, is non-toxic, has excellent thermal conductivity, and can be cast, machined, and shaped easily. Additionally, it is non-magnetic and non-sparking. As a metal, it is the second most malleable and the sixth most ductile. Some of the interesting facts about the metal more


Use of aluminium in household applications

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 28, 2022

It is no surprise to know the use of aluminium spread across a wide range of products - right from cars to cans, kitchenware to beer kegs, and window frames to aeroplane parts, thanks to its corrosion resistance, lightweight, and recyclability properties. Since the list of aluminium application is endless and the time is very little, we will restrict ourselves to discuss the usage of aluminium in household more


How the aluminium industry is prepping up for zero-carbon emissions?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 14, 2022

Aluminium is often called the 'green metal' due to its sustainability, owing to its long lifespan, high strength-to-weight ratio, recycling ability, and long lifespan. However, the environmental credentials of aluminium are severely reduced by its carbon footprint. The aluminium industry has a pivotal role to play in the total carbon emissions in the world. Accounting for 1.1 billion tonnes of carbon emissions each year, the aluminium sector generates approximately 2% of the human-caused emissions globally. Aluminium is an essential component for several key industries including power transmission, construction, and transportation, and its demand is expected to grow by over 50% by more


Omnichannel Commerce

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 20, 2022

Omnichannel Commerce approaches sales through multiple channels to overall enhance the customer experience. Researches show that more than 73% of total customers prefer using various channels before they finally purchase a product online. This means that using the Omnichannel e- commerce method, online shoppers will receive the same advanced search results if shopping from mobile, laptop, android, iOS, or a physical store. The omnichannel model tracks the total customer participation of a particular more


Aluminium cans to rule the packaging industry for the next 10 years and beyond

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 29, 2022

The aluminium beverage can come into frame in the 1950s when Coors Brewing Company preferred aluminium cans over existing steel containers to enhance the taste of their beer. Not only the taste but Coors also focused on the sustainability part of these cans to keep their product quality, flavour, and freshness intact inside for greater end-to-end usage. During that time the can weighed around 88 grams and as a sustainable and top functional beverage can aluminium is the most admired metal by the global more


Global Aluminium Price Trend Post Covid: How is it Driving India's Domestic Prices?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 14, 2022

With the advent of the Covid-19 global pandemic, three key factors were driving the major supply constraints of aluminium – port shutdowns, container ship shortages, and factory closedowns.

Factory shutdowns throughout the world, particularly in China caused bottlenecks and delays in production. When an upstream manufacturer experiences delayed production cascades downstream to several other manufacturers who are dependent on him. Similarly, many ports have been faced with restricted labor or shutdowns to avoid outbreaks. This was followed by crippling container and vessel shortages and a dramatic surge in more


Aluminum: The future of foundries

Contributed by: Rupankar Majumdercalendar April 6, 2022

The factories that produce aluminium metal castings are commonly known as aluminium foundries. In the casting process, aluminium is melted in a liquid form, poured into a mould and then after the aluminium cast cools off and solidifies, it is drawn from the mould or cast. Aluminium can be cast into varying shapes and sizes, while the aluminium foundries use various types of source metal to charge the furnace, including virgin material, external scrap and internal more


How much energy does it require in Aluminum production?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 1, 2022

Every heavy metal production demands out-and-out energy consumption. Aluminium production is no beyond. It is termed an energy-intensive industry in the global manufacturing sector, as it consumes around 17,000 kWh of power to manufacture 1 tonne of aluminium. This denotes that it has a comparatively high cost. However, the metal is very much appropriate for more


Seven different types of aluminium scrap

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar January 21, 2022

Thanks to its higher durability and recycling characteristics, aluminium stands out to be one of the most-recycled metals across the world. In fact, the IAI reports more than 30 million tonnes of aluminium scrap are recycled globally every year. The information moves around that there is a wide array of aluminium scraps; whereas, commonly there are 7 common types classified aluminium scraps that are by and large available in scrap yards. Now depending on the quality of aluminium scraps deserted they are priced differently across the recycling more


What is Alumina refinery and how it operates?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 25, 2022

Not many are there who have not heard of alumina but may not be aware of how it is produced and used in the metal world. So, to begin with, alumina, also popularly known as aluminium oxide, is a chemical amalgamation of aluminium and oxygen with the chemical formula Al₂O₃. It is a white crystalline substance produced through the Bayer Process, the principal industrial means of refining bauxite into alumina, and used in the production of aluminium as an abrasive owing to its hardness and as a refractory material due to its high melting more


What is the process of smelting aluminium using potlines?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 14, 2022

Although there are different processes of producing aluminum across the globe, only one method is used commercially. In the late 19th century, the Deville process which involved a direct reaction of aluminum chloride with metallic sodium was the main method of aluminum production. However, this process has now been replaced with an electrolytic process which is more more


Five Unique Usages of Aluminum Extrusion

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 14, 2022

Aluminum extrusion is a typical material which transforms Aluminum alloy into a variety of consumer-friendly, saleable goods. Aluminum extrusions are available in multiple shapes and sizes which individually get used in a wide array of the verticals of business. However, the usage of Aluminum extrusion is diverse and impressive. Thanks to the flexibility of the metal extrusion process pan out heating billets of Aluminum alloy. To soften them it takes special steel dice under which these materials are turned into various shapes with sizable hydraulic pressure. Extrusion is a continual process and can produce up to hundreds and even thousands feet of more


Types and Pricing Facts about Aluminium Scraps and its Recycling Significance

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar January 21, 2022

Thanks to the higher durability and recycling characteristics, Aluminium stands out to be one of the most-recycled metals across the world. No wonder why a total of 95-98% of Aluminum gets recycled every year globally. A wide array of scrap Aluminum scraps you might have heard about; but commonly there are 7 common types classified Alumimium scraps that are by and large available in scrap yards. Depending on the type of quality of Aluminium scraps deserted they are priced differently across the recycling more


Importance of Aluminium Dross Recycling

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar January 21, 2022

Derived from old English word ‘dros ‘Aluminium Dross (scum produce when smelting metals) is a byproduct of the Aluminium coalesce process. By and large Dross contains a large amount of metallic Aluminium. But on the whole if we go by the auxiliary chemical components inside, it includes a concoction of Aluminium, Aluminium-oxide, oxides of alloying elements combined with halogenide, carbide or nitride compounds. Not to confuse with slag, Dross typically forms on the surface of low melting point metals and it is a solid substance as more


Aluminium Vs Steel in Electric Vehicles

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar December 06, 2021

Aluminium could replace steel as metal of choice to produce electric vehicles. Despite being expensive than steel, EV makers are increasingly depending on aluminium to make electric car parts like chassis, batteries among others. A faster paced energy transition through a speedier shift to electric vehicles has created a new, substantial demand stream for aluminium and major opportunities for auto supply chain firms flying under investors' radar. Previously shunned in favour of cheaper steel, aluminium consumption in electric vehicles is expected to accelerate over coming years as Covid-19 hastens the move to a green economic more


Top B2b Marketplaces in North America

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar November 19, 2021

In 2018 in the U.S. alone, total ecommerce sales on marketplaces are worth $473 billion, with a projected increase to as much as $526 billion in the next year. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, in the first quarter of 2018 ecommerce accounted for 9.3 percent of total sales in this more


Global aluminium price trend post COVID-19 pandemic

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar November 19, 2021

Aluminum price has been increasing post pandemic and in Sept’2021 it has crossed US $3000 a tonne which last time happened in July, 2008. Since last 20 years, this is only the 2nd time where global aluminium prices have increased to such a high level. While the 2008 price increase can directly be attributed to the global recession that was witnessed, this price increase in 2021 can also be attributed to different factors that have mostly been caused by the more


Low-carbon aluminium: Challenges and opportunities

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar November 10, 2021

Aluminum is the second most preferred metal in the world, only after steel & being used in electric cars, planes, electronics, construction, and beverage cans. It produces one of the larger carbon footprints. According to the Columbia Climate Center, smelting primary - newly mined - aluminum consumes 4% of the total world's electricity while generates 1% of the world's CO2 greenhouse gases annually. More than 50% of that electricity comes from coal or oil-fired power plants located in countries like China & more


Use of Aluminium in Household Applications

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar October 27, 2021

  • Aluminium is used in tables, chairs, shutters, picture frames, lamps, decorative wall panels, air conditioning units and radiators. Designers use aluminium because it gives them a lot of freedom in choosing the shape for their creations, as well as being easy to process and aesthetically more

Top B2B Marketplaces in Europe

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar October 27, 2021

Europe B2B E-commerce market reached $901.1 billion in 2019 and will grow by 11.9% annually over 2020-2026 owing to the growing trend of shifting to digital transactions among enterprises. While B2B eCommerce has been booming for some time now, a sub trend has captured the attention of the B2B world: B2B marketplaces. Marketplaces are the biggest development in the B2B world lately and it is estimated that at least 70% of enterprise marketplaces will serve B2B transactions by more


Top Aluminium Extrusion Companies in North America

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar October 16, 2021

The U.S. is the most prominent producer and consumer of aluminum extrusion in not just North America, but also globally it is the leading country. The country is one of the severely hit countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in major consequences in the manufacturing activities, thereby, negatively affecting the product demand. The aerospace & defense, automotive, and construction industries have been majorly impacted due to the pandemic in the U.S., observing a decline in demand for extruded products. However, construction activities were provided some relaxation post the first quarter of 2020. The construction activities were acknowledged under more


Impact of Covid 19 on B2B Marketplace

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar October 08, 2021

First and foremost the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak is a terrible human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The coronavirus pandemic has affected many industries around the world, the business-to-business (B2B) market is no exception. The way companies buy from and sell to each other now looks very different than it used to. Unprecedented demand and unforeseen circumstances have led businesses to accelerate innovation in order to survive and thrive during the ongoing more


Global Aluminium Scrap Market Dynamics

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar September 28, 2021

WHAT IS SCRAP RECYCLING? Aluminium (Bauxite ore) is one of the most abundant elements in the Earth's crust. But primary aluminium production has its own set of issues like being high energy intensive, capex heavy and having its high impact on nature. Due to all these, the secondary source of aluminum production through recycled scrap remains one of the major sources of the total aluminium production & increasing every year. The value of recycled aluminium is much lower than primary aluminum. Besides, production of secondary aluminium is less energy-intensive and more environmentally friendly (92% more energy efficient than primary production). Aluminium scrap plays a crucial role in saving natural resources. Aluminium scrap market with its leading players: China, the United States, the more


Aluminium Ingot

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar September 21, 2021

WHAT IS ALUMINIUM INGOT?An ingot is a piece of relatively pure material, usually metal, that is cast into a shape suitable for further processing. Ingots are generally made of metal, either pure or alloy, heated past its melting point and cast into a bar or block using a mold chill method. In the aluminium industry, ingot and billet play an integral part in the production of almost all aluminium products. Plate, sheet, foil, wire, rod, and bar products are all produced by pressing or rolling ingot and more


Top Aluminium Extrusion Players in Middle East

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar September 14, 2021

The MEA aluminum extrusion market size was valued at USD 2.05 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1% from 2020 to 2027. The growth is attributed to increasing construction activities coupled with a rise in automotive manufacturing in the region. Construction activities in the region are augmented by an increasing number of residential projects, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial more


Aluminium FRP Market in Asia Pacific

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar September 10, 2021

WHAT IS ALUMINIUM FRP & APPLICATIONAluminum flat rolled products include sheet, plate and foil. Aluminium FRPs are usually made by rolling thick aluminium between rolls that reduce the thickness and lengthen it through hot and cold rolling processes. Due to distinctive advantages, aluminium flat rolled products have been widely used in many industries, such as transportation, packaging, building and construction, machine and equipment, electrical and so on. Among various applications, demand from packaging industry accounts for the largest consumption share with 35.29% in 2017 more


Aluminium Die Casting Market in North America

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar September 10, 2021

WHAT IS ALUMINIUM DIE CASTINGAluminum die casting is a manufacturing process that produces geometrically complex, defined, accurate and textured-surface metal parts. The aluminum alloy is widely used for die casting as it is lightweight as well exhibits high-dimensional stability for producing low-density and durable end products. Furthermore, aluminum has high corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, stiffness, durability, and excellent strength-to-weight ratio, in comparison to other metal alloys. Owing to this, aluminum casts are widely employed across various sectors, including automotive, electrical and electronics, transportation, building and construction, telecommunication, consumer durables, and energy, among various more


Aluminium Extrusion Industry – Market Size, Growth, Players

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar September 02, 2021

WHAT IS ALUMINIUM EXTRUSIONAluminium extrusion involves shaping aluminium alloy billet by forcing it through a die. During the extrusion process, a ram pushes the aluminium product through the die shape and it comes out with the same shape of the die. Some of the shapes for aluminium extruded products include multi-void hollows, complex, and customized designs. Aluminium extrusions are widely used in building & construction, automotive & transport, and electrical industries. The aluminium is adequately protected by transparent oxide layer, which covers the surface more


Aluminium Die Casting Market in Europe

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 31, 2021

WHAT IS ALUMINIUM DIE CASTING Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process that produces geometrically complex, defined, accurate and textured-surface metal parts. The aluminum alloy is widely used for die casting as it is lightweight as well exhibits high-dimensional stability for producing low-density and durable end products. Furthermore, aluminum has high corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, stiffness, durability, and excellent strength-to-weight ratio, in comparison to other metal alloys. Owing to this, aluminum casts more


Red Mud – Characteristics, Issues and Emerging Applications

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 21, 2021

Red mud is a side-product of the Bayer process, the principal means of refining bauxite en route to alumina. The residue invariably has a high concentration of iron oxide which gives the product a characteristic red color. A small residual amount of the sodium hydroxide used in the process remains with the residue, causing the material to have a high pH/alkalinity, normally > more


Aluminium Market Dynamics in South America

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 19, 2021

South America is one of those continents where aluminium industry is not growing as compared to other continents like Asia or Middle East. Unlike North America or Europe where domestic demand has been growing and the internal dynamics of the aluminium industry has been changing from primary production to secondary production and recycling, South America has been a continent where primary production has significantly fallen over the last few decades and domestic demand has also not picked up. The political instability and lack of development can be attributed as the main reason behind more


Aluminium Market Dynamics in Middle East

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 12, 2021

The aluminum industry in the world has been dominated by China, but the second continent that is growing up in the ranks quickly is – Middle East. The main driving force behind Middle East is the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The six countries that form the GCC are – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) or commonly called as Gulf countries. The transition from an oil economy to an emerging super power in aluminium has been an extraordinary story in the last more


Difference Between Marketplace & E-commerce

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 04, 2021

Marketplace and E-commerce are both used for online business purpose, but there are some fundamental differences between these two models. WHAT IS MARKETPLACE? a marketplace is a website where the products offered come from multiple sellers. It is an online platform where the website owner allows third-party sellers to sell on the platform i.e., various sellers can market their products to the more


AlCircleBiz, World's 1st E-marketplace for the Global Aluminium Industry, got featured across top media networks in the country!

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 04, 2021

"AlCircleBiz" is the trending name in the global aluminium industry, where we connect businesses covering the entire aluminium value chain. Launched in November 2020, we have already onboarded 250+ global sellers, across all 6 continents and have 900+ live product listings on the platform. We have been able to get 700+ registered buyers and 200+ active business leads. In the last 2 months alone, we have generated over 150 business enquiries connecting potential buyers and sellers across the more


Aluminium Market Dynamics in Africa

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar August 04, 2021

BAUXITE PRODUCTION The aluminum market dynamics in Africa is quite unique from the rest of the world. Africa is one of the largest producers of Bauxite, which is the main ore of aluminium. African nation Guinea has emerged as one of the highest bauxite exporters in the world and ranks number 2 in bauxite production, only after Australia. The other countries that produce and export bauxite are - Ghana, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ivory Coast etc. In 2019, Africa has produced more than 66 million metric tonnes of bauxite, most of which was produced by Guinea. South Africa, one of the most important countries in Africa, does not have any bauxite reserve and does not produce any more


Use of Aluminium in Sports Sector

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 30, 2021

Aluminium, due to its unique properties, finds extensive use in many key industries like automotive, construction, aviation, transportation, electrical and electronics. Sports is also one of the sectors where use of aluminium is abundant and its increasing day by day. The main reason behind use of aluminium in sports is its strength to weight ratio. It is used for equipment which need to be strong to withstand certain forces but also need to be lightweight to help the user in specific need. The equipment ranges from hand help equipment like baseball bats to essential items like goal posts in football or rugby. The cost of these equipment also varies a lot with inexpensive items like karabiners for climbing to expensive items like parts of more


Aluminium Market Dynamics in China

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 26, 2021

The aluminum industry, not just in Asia-Pacific, but in the entire world, is dominated by China. The second largest economy in the world is also the most important industry in the world, playing a big role in influencing the global price and extent of competition among leading players. China alone commands more than 50% market share from both production as well as consumption of aluminium, in the more


Story of Alibaba.Com, World's Largest B2B Marketplace

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 21, 2021

JACK MA, FOUNDER OF ALIBABA.COM Success story of Alibaba starts with its founder Ma Yun a.k.a. Jack Ma. Jack Ma was born in lower middle-class family in Hangzhou district in China and during and after his Bachelor's degree, Jack tried and failed to get a job at a multitude of places. After spending three years to get into a University, Jack failed to land a job after applying to them 30 times! He recollects in his interview, "When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job. Twenty-three people were accepted. I was the only guy who wasn't." more


Aluminium Die Casting Market in Asia

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 19, 2021

Rising demand for lightweight vehicles and the growing utilization of aluminum in diecasting auto parts to fuel growth of market during forecast period. Stringent environmental regulations and Cafe standards imposed across various regions to support adoption of die casting more


Market Dynamics in Aluminium Industry in North America

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 14, 2021

In January 2021, primary aluminium production in North America stood at 340,000 tons, reflecting a continuous increase by 2,000 tons or 0.60 per cent month-on-month. In December 2020, the output registered a growth of 10,000 tons or 3.05 per cent to 338,000 tons from 328,000 tons in November. In the Q4 2020, North America’s aluminium production totaled 1 million tons, up by 1.94 per cent more


New Technologies to Impact E-commerce Business – Part 2 (AI/ML)

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 12, 2021

E-commerce is evolving by leaps and bounds every year and technological advancements are the main driver of this exponential growth. By the end of 2020, the global e-commerce market registered sales crossing $4.2 trillion. This represented 16% of the total share of global retail sales! While AI/ML continues to be one of the main impact areas, there are some more advanced technologies that are or going to influence the E-commerce dynamics in the coming more


New Technologies to Impact E-commerce Business – Part 1 (AI/ML)

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 09, 2021

E-commerce has always been a game changer in the global business environment. It has disrupted the traditional brick & mortar industry and forced physical retailers and companies to re-think the way they have been doing business. The E-commerce companies continued to reinvent the game and with new technological developments they have been constantly evolving, with additions like – mobile apps, e-wallets etc. However, the pace is not slowing, instead more and more new technologies are emerging every day. Overall – we can classify these new advancements into two major categories – AI/ML driven changes and other Technology trends in more


Top Aluminum Extrusion Players in China

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 05, 2021

Aluminum extrusion is one of the highest growth aluminum product segments along with rolled products and castings. Aluminum extrusions are used in several end user sectors such as construction, transportation, electrical, machinery and consumer durables owing to their strength, flexibility, durability and more


Aluminium Industry Dynamics in Asia (Ex - China)

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar July 01, 2021

The market size of aluminium industry in Asia Pacific stood at USD 103.25 Billion in 2019. It is the major contributor of growth of the global market owing to the presence of significant consuming countries including China, India, Japan etc. The growing construction and automotive sectors in these countries and region are driving this demand for the metal. China itself contributes more than 50% of the total global production and consumption of aluminium and hence industry dynamics of aluminium is greatly impacted by this one country. If we try to understand the situation within Asia, other than China, then we have specifically look at the more


Most Sustainable Choice among Glass, Plastic and Aluminium

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 25, 2021

To make the best choice from an environmental perspective we need to look at the carbon footprint, recycling, end of life waste and transportation.

(A) Carbon footprint of glass vs plastic vs aluminium This table summarises different estimates (high, medium and low) of the carbon footprint of more


Top Aluminium Smelters in the World

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 22, 2021

Smelting is a process of applying heat to a metal ore in order to extract the base metal. In the case of aluminium, bauxite is converted into alumina in a facility called refineries and then alumina is transformed into molten aluminium in the smelters. Aluminium production in smelters consists of two process – Primary aluminium production where alumina is smelted to pure aluminium and secondary production is the process of recycling aluminium scrap into aluminium to be used more


Top Bauxite Mining Companies in the World

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 14, 2021

The top ten bauxite producing countries account for about 95% of the global bauxite output. Australia, Guinea and China are some of the most dominant countries in bauxite mine production, generating 110 million, 82 million, and 60 million metric tons of bauxite, respectively, in 2020, followed by Brazil, India, and Jamaica. The forecast for world bauxite production in 2020 is estimated at 367 million metric tonnes. About 85% of the bauxite produced in the world is converted into aluminium because of its various industrial uses. The Huntly mine in Australia is one of the largest producers of bauxite in the world; it is owned by Alcoa World Alumina. Company wise the top bauxite mining companies based on their mining more


Advanced Technologies in Aluminium Smelting Process

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 05, 2021

Aluminium smelting is the process of extracting aluminium from its oxide, alumina, generally by the Hall-Héroult process. Alumina is extracted from the ore bauxite by means of the Bayer process at an alumina refinery.

This is an electrolytic process, so an aluminium smelter uses huge amounts of electricity; smelters tend to be located close to large power stations, often hydro-electric ones, in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Smelters are often located near ports, since many smelters use more


Facts & Myths about Aluminium Doors & Windows

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar June 02, 2021

Aluminium is light weight, high-strength & versatile in nature and due to these properties, it has been in use in the construction industry for decades. In today’s world, doors and windows made with high-grade aluminium are structurally the strongest types of frames available in the market. Despite that, there are many myths that surround aluminium doors and windows that more


Aluminium Industry Dynamics in European Union (Eu)

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 26, 2021

Global aluminium industry has gone through a lot of structural and technological changes in the last couple of decades and Europe is one of the region’s leading the innovation and demand. In European Union, aluminium has traditionally been considered as a strategic sector, with major focus on downstream. With annual revenue ~40 billion euros and with 250k+ employees, it is the second biggest industry in metals and mining, after steel. Most European companies now work in the downstream phases of the value chain of the production of aluminium semis for the automotive, transportation, aerospace, building and construction, durable products and packaging industries, while the number of companies operating in the upstream phases of alumina refining and primary production of raw aluminium progressively diminished more


Beverage Can Management

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 25, 2021

The aluminum can is a package built for the circular economy; it is by far the most valuable material in the recycling bin on a per ton basis. A used beverage can act as a “technical nutrient” as it is returned to the material stream as feedstock at the end of its useful life. Aluminum cans are recycled repeatedly in a closed loop process. Many municipalities have initiated financially viable recycling programs which rely on re-selling collected material to subsidize more


Green Aluminium – When Will It Become a Reality?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 19, 2021

Most metal producing companies face the dual challenge of energy transition – the need for reducing emission while meeting the global demand for critical commodities. The risk is most significant in case of Aluminium, making it even more difficult to achieve carbon neutral or low carbon aluminium or simply "green aluminium" more


Research & Innovations in Metallurgy

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 12, 2021

Metal Industry is one of the oldest industries in the world and unlike many, it has always supported technological innovations and has been adoptive of modern trends

  • GREEN STEELMAKING : "Green Steelmaking" will make the production process much less carbon-intensive, as the carbon reductant is replaced by hydrogen in various ways. A hydrogen-based direct-reduction solution, which allows the direct usage of any kind of iron ore fines, can nearly avoid any carbon footprint in ironmaking. Emissions will be close to zero. By-products will be vaporized and recycled, and processes executed with perfect energy more

Global Metal Cutting Machine Industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 07, 2021

Metal cutting machines are used to cut metal frames in various sizes and shape. They are extensively used in various application industries to cut different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to produce a finished product of desired geometry. It provides multiple advantages to the finished products, including surface texture or finish, closer dimensional accuracy, complex shaping, and required more


Recycled Metal Market

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar May 04, 2021

There are primarily two sources of supply of metals - extraction from natural resources and secondarily by recycling of used metals. Recycling of metals not only supports sustainability but also provides environmental and industrial benefits, such as it saves energy, minimizes waste volume and reduces pollution. Recycling of metals also reduces cost. There are different types of metals that can be recycled without changing their original properties, for instance, steel, aluminium, cobalt, lead, copper, etc. In some metals, recycling is considerably cheaper than extraction from natural resources such as in case of aluminium. Due to all these more


Metal Fabrication Process & Its Applications – Part 2

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 30, 2021

Metal fabrication has widespread application in the world today. Humans have been mining and machining metal for the past 10 millennia, as evidenced by a copper pendant archaeologist found in northern Iraq that dates back to about 9,000 BCE. Fabrication shops as we know them today began to exist around the Industrial Revolution, when sheet metal was in much higher demand than before. The invention of the hydraulic press, which allowed manufacturers to apply unprecedented pressures to pieces of metal, transformed the metal fabrication industry. Below more


Metal Fabrication Process & Its Applications – Part 1

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 27, 2021

Metal fabrication is the process of manufacturing metal sheet to make it conform to specific shapes. It takes place through cutting, stamping, shaping, folding and welding. Metal fabrication industry has broad applications across a great many industries and consumer products. Standard raw materials used include plate metal, fittings, castings, formed and expanded metal, sectional metal, flat metal, and welding wire. Below are the different processes & their more


Digital Transformation in Metals and Mining Industry (Part 2)

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 16, 2021

In the second part of the series "Digital Transformation in Metals and Mining industry" we cover some use cases in the downstream value more


Digital Transformation in Metals and Mining Industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 14, 2021

The In recent years, Metals and mining organizations across the world has started to follow in the footsteps of other industry players like Retail and Consumer to embark on their digital transformation journeys spanning across the entire value chain – from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, distribution and overall ecosystem development. In this two-part series on "Digital Transformation in Metals and Mining industry" we cover some of the interesting more


Different Types of Aluminium Foils

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 12, 2021

The origin of aluminium foil can be traced back to early 1900s when a popular candy brand was first packaged in aluminium foil in 1913. To this day, the candies are still being used with aluminium foil packaging. The uses of foil have grown manifold over the past 100 years and its growing use in different sectors and industries are constantly improving the products as well as more


Aluminium and Its Alloys Used in Electrical and Electronics Industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar April 2, 2021

Nowadays aluminium and aluminium alloys are used in a large number of electrical & electronic applications. The metal is highly non-magnetic, ductile and cheaper. It has fairly high structural strength and acceptable levels of conductivity, which makes it one of the most used metal in the electrical and electronic industry more


How Aluminium Cans Are Recycled?

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 26, 2021

When we recycle aluminium, we can use only around 5% of the energy and its emission is needed to make it from the raw material bauxite. The metal can be recycled again without loss of properties, & thanks to recycling it's estimated that nearly seventy-five percent of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. So, the aluminium recycling habit is one of the best things we can more


Features of AlCircleBiz

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 22, 2021

AlCircleBiz is the world's first online marketplace that connects millions of buyers and sellers across the entire aluminium value chain. It's the online ecommerce platform of the AlCircle Group that has been providing news about the industry & facilitating global trade opportunities for the past 10 years. Connecting buyers and sellers through enquiries against listed products and business leads are the primary features of AlcircleBiz. We are driven by the mission to create robust supply chains through increased transparency and reduced more


How Aluminium Can Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem in the World

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 15, 2021

The environmental impact of plastics has been receiving increased attention recently however the problem has been identified long back. Plastics came into use in 1950's and by 1970-80's the issue of plastic waste came into existence. Globally it has been one of the most pressing concerns in recent times and the growing use & manufacturing of “virgin plastics” are actually adding to it.

Plastics are mostly used in packaging and manufacturing industry and typically there are two types of issues that have made the matter worst. First of all, plastics cannot be recycled, they can technically be downcycled only. This actually uses ~90% virgin-based plastics & hence most plastic that finally gets recycled is often made into carpet, clothes or other fibres. Secondly, even that downcycling to happen, the plastic waste has to be extremely clean & uncontaminated. This has been the reason of more


15 Uses of Aluminium and its Alloys in Tranportations Industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 10, 2021

For many years the biggest end-use market for aluminium has been the transportation sector. More than a quarter of all aluminium is used in the global transportation & associated industry.

  • Aluminium supports the need to develop cleaner and more sustainable means of transportation. It is lightweight, yet super flexible: meets customer demand for improved safety and comfort, stricter environmental legislation. Because of these properties, aluminium is indispensable for the upcoming EV (Electric Vehicle) revolution in the world.
  • In Aviation around 70-80% aluminium is needed. The composition of aluminium alloys has changed over time, but the main goal of aircraft designers remains the same: build a plane that is as light as possible with the maximum possible capacity that uses the least possible amount of fuel and whose body doesn’t rust over time. It’s aluminium that allows aviation engineers to hit all these more

Advanced Technology Used in Scrap Metal Recycling

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 08, 2021

Metal recycling industry is not an old industry and it was actually built on innovation. Scrap metal recycling was one of the ideas that came into existence during the Second World War when the demand for metal products for the production of guns, airplanes, tanks and ships became much higher than the available supply from mining and smelting ores. Very soon, the concept of recycling became very famous in some countries like US, Canada, UK etc. With time, more and more countries are adopting to this and the industry is... show more


Use of Aluminium and Its Alloys in Automobile & Health Industry

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar March 01, 2021

As the AUTOMOBILE industry started to focus on fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emission and design, Aluminium is playing a pivotal role in modern cars. Let us look at some of the applications of Aluminium or its alloys in this sector.

  • Aluminum is the most used material in automobiles and commercial vehicles as it provides excellent safety and durability coupled with increase in fuel efficiency and more

Benefits Of AlCircleBiz

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar February 15, 2021

AlCircleBiz is the world's 1st online marketplace, connecting millions of buyers and sellers in the global aluminium value chain. AlCircleBiz is all set to revolutionize the aluminium industry & there are many advantages that comes with more


Current Trends & Scenario of B2B & B2C Ecommerce

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar February 10, 2021

With the global B2C eCommerce sales growing exponentially in the last decade, the B2B industry has also followed suit. Not only is the B2B market gradually increasing its online presence, but it is also doing so by mirroring some key B2C eCommerce strategies. 73% of B2B executives agree that customer expectations for personalized experiences and end-to-end solutions are "significantly higher than they were just a few years ago "Back in 2014, Gartner predicted that more than 70% of B2B companies would offer some form of personalization on their website by 2018. By 2019, 77% of companies believe personalization should be a bigger priority for their organization than it previously had been. B2B companies have begun personalizing their customers' online experiences — more


How Aluminium Industry is Recovering Post COVID19

Contributed by: Anonymouscalendar February 8, 2021

"The aluminium industry – like all industrial sectors – is still facing a testing future in the short term, but there should be cause for optimism."

The aluminium industry has seen a dip in demand and impact on aluminium production in 2020 due to the pandemic, especially the automobile, aerospace & construction industries has taken probably the maximum hit in the first two quarters of 2020. By late Dec'20 the industry is already seeing the signs of recovery. The LME (London Metal Exchange) 3 months aluminium price stayed consistently above $2000/T in Dec, compared to $1800/T a year back. It is also expected that this resurgence will continue in the first couple of quarters in 2021 as well, because it has been observed that a lot of smelters are already sold more


The Top Mergers and Acquisitions from Aluminium Industry in 2019

Contributed by: Heena Iqbal Content Writer calendar December 5, 2019

The year 2019 proved to be a robust one for mergers and acquisitions for the global aluminium industry. Mergers and acquisitions played a key role in expanding businesses of the industry players across aluminium value chain. The companies continued to invest in acquisitions to capitalize on the growing demand despite world aluminium price volatility and continuous market uncertainty. The biggest acquisitions of 2019 include Press Metal Aluminium’s acquisition of PT Bintan Alumina, Novelis’ proposed acquisition of Aleris and Endurance Technologies’ purchase of aluminium die... show more

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Price study on Indian primary aluminium producers in May-June, 2019

Contributed by: Sandip Paul Program Manager calendar July 5, 2019

India became the second largest aluminium producing country in the world excluding China in 2018. With the strength of its integrated business model, excellent operational capabilities, stable operations and enriched product portfolio, Hindalco (plus Utkal Alumina) made significant profits in FY19. They are focusing on downstream segment for its domestic output. Primary aluminium productions from Hindalco’s smelting operations (Renukoot in Uttar Pradesh, Aditya Aluminium in Odisha at Hirakud, and at Mahan Aluminium in Madhya Pradesh) stand at around 1.3 million tonnes... show more


How downstream aluminium sector performed in first four months of 2019

Contributed by: Debanjali Sengupta Content Writer calendar June 6, 2019

Four months from the current year (2019) have passed, and here we are to take an opportunity to retrospect the notable developments and phenomena that occurred across the downstream aluminium sector in the said period of time. The increasing demand and use of downstream aluminium across the globe, including China, in various industries like the construction, packaging, and transportation was one of the most significant things that grabbed our attention in the first four months. The enthusiastic purchase kept the downstream aluminium pricing low and resulted in weak inventor... show more

Global industrial expert Carmelo Maria Brocato joins AlCircle as Strategic Advisor for Europe and North America

calendar November 23rd, 2021

AlCircle is pleased to announce the joining of Carmelo Maria Brocato as Strategic Advisor for Europe and North America region. Mr Brocato is presently associated with GMS/Engitec Group as Head of the Aluminium Division from April more

AlCircleBiz, World's 1st Online Marketplace for the Aluminium Industry, launched in Nov'20, already onboarded 250+ global sellers!

calendar August 3rd, 2021

AlCircleBiz ( is the world's first global online marketplace that connects businesses across the entire aluminium value chain. It's a first of its kind portal that is dedicated to the aluminium industry, which is one of the growing sectors globally due to its various applications across construction, automotive, communication, and other key industries. Within 6 months of launch, AlCircleBiz is witnessing tremendous growth, from both supply and demand perspectives. They have already onboarded 250+ global sellers, across all 6 continents and have 900+ live product listings on the platform. They have been able to get 700+ registered buyers and 200+ active business leads. In the last 2 months alone, they have generated over 150 business enquiries connecting potential buyers and sellers across the more

Alcirclebiz Now Has Sellers Across All 6 Continents

calendar April 6th, 2021

AlCircleBiz, world's first online marketplace for the global aluminium industry, was launched in November 2020. connects buyers and sellers across the entire aluminium value chain where seller can list their products and buyers can connect to sellers online, by sending enquiries against listed products. Within 4 months of launch, AlCircleBiz has registered more than 125 sellers & these sellers are spread across all 6 continents of the world – Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and more

Within 3 Months, AlCircleBiz Onboarded 100+ Global Sellers

calendar March 4th, 2021 was launched in November 2020 with a vision to connect millions of buyers and sellers globally across the entire Aluminium value chain. Since the launch it has already onboarded 100+ sellers within a span of 3 months. The website registered a very healthy mix of sellers from different countries of the globe, covering 5 different continents including Asia, Europe... show more

AlCircleBiz is now live - world's first global online marketplace for the entire aluminium value chain

calendar January 29th, 2021

What is AlCircleBiz?

AlCircleBiz is the world's first global online marketplace that connects millions of buyers and sellers across the entire aluminium value chain.
Connecting buyers and sellers through enquiries against listed products and business leads are the primary features of AlCircleBiz. They are driven by the mission to create robust supply chains through increased transparency and reduced dependencies on intermediaries across the aluminium value chain... show more

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