What is AlCircleBiz?

AlCircleBiz is a marketplace portal for the global aluminium industry that creates a virtual eco-system and covers the entire value chain of aluminium . Our portal lets you access sellers, product prices, directory data and business, services, and many other relevant information in a single portal. AlCircleBiz aims to become a highly professional network for industry players worldwide to support their business needs. The portal has a lot to offer towards the information needs of procurement professionals / organizations, technical consultants, industry experts etc. The portal offers effective on-line communication platform for all operators in the aluminium sector and is one of the most visible platforms for promoting web marketing activities for companies & industry associations.

We are an organization of industry veterans and experts, who have tried to build into it all that an industry operator wishes to have on an online platform to support his information and business needs. The onus is being carried forward by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about internet, e-commerce, online media, and everything about aluminium.

Can I offer both products and services on AlCircleBiz?

AlCircleBiz allows you to sell / buy products from non-ferrous metal value chain online, even without setting up your own online store. Selling through AlCircleBiz provides a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs. It provides an additional channel to market and sell your products.

The platform offers reduced marketing costs compared to other sales channels and allows new opportunities for overseas sales. Being part of an established online marketplace provides a level of trust between you and the buyer. Impartial reviews of your products and service may give new customers the confidence to buy. AlCircleBiz offer opportunities to establish new business partnerships with traders and suppliers, either within your supply chain or across supply chains.

To sum up, AlCircleBiz provides greater transparency in prices, wider availability, and higher accessibility to expand business opportunities.

Who can see the listings which I publish?

Listings at AlCircleBiz are visible to everyone. AlCircleBiz gives you an opportunity to connect with prospective buyers across the globe and a chance to connect with other sellers with whom you can explore future business opportunities. However, responding to a listing is available to registered members only. This is to ensure that only verified buyers / sellers can reach out to you.

How can I update the profile of my company?

You can update your company profile anytime by visiting “my profile” section in our website, after logging in to your account. You can see different sections and, in each section, find edit options against the details that you had provided earlier.

If you face any difficulty in editing any details or any other issue, you can always reach out to us @ +91 7439512079 or write to us at enquiry@alcirclebiz.com

What products can be bought or sold through AlCircleBiz?

AlCircleBiz covers the entire range of products and related services in non-ferrous metals industry, starting from mining to value added products. We also allow users to list all associated and input industry products to ensure that anything and everything related to non-ferrous metals are available on our platform.

How do I create a user account?

Creating your account is easy, you have to register on AlCircleBiz using your personal details (like – Name, Mobile Number, Email ID etc.) or you can use your social media credentials as well. Please click here to create your account. The process is easy and self-explanatory.AlCircleBiz also have the feature of “Guest Login” for first time users coming to our platform.

You can also call us @ +91 7439512079 or write to us at enquiry@alcirclebiz.com to help you create your account.

Do I need to register separately as a buyer and a seller?

AlCircleBiz allows you to register as a seller where you will be able to list your products or as a buyer where you can send your inquiries. You can register as a buyer and a seller to avail both benefits. Business lead posting and response feature is open to all registered members. Please click here to register now!

How do I list my products? Is there a limit?

You will be able to list your products once you are registered on AlCircleBiz. After registration, you can simply go to your profile and check out the “Add Products” section to list all your products. Please check all the mandatory fields while listing your product.

There are some limitations on the maximum number of products that you can list, depending on the package you have chosen at the time of registration. You can always upgrade your package to increase the number of products that you can list.

You can also call us @ +91 7439512079 or write to us at enquiry@alcirclebiz.com to help you in this whole process.

Who decides the price?

The sellers, who list their products, decide the price.

As this is a marketplace, once you have selected any product, you can always send your inquiry to the respective seller and negotiate the price once you get connected.

How can I view seller listings on AlCircleBiz?

You can view listing through the following ways –

  • If you are looking for any specific product, you can simply search the same in the ‘search bar’ at the top of the website home page.
  • If you are looking for products from a specific seller, you can again simply search for the seller in the ‘search bar’ at the top of the website home page.

To view listed products, you can navigate through our categories and view all products which are currently listed on AlCircleBiz.

What am I charged for using AlCircleBiz?

  • If you want to sell something through AlCircleBiz, you can register on the portal for free. Under our ‘Basic’ package; you can get free product listings and experience most other benefits.
  • If you are looking to buy something through AlCircleBiz, it’s completely free. All Registered users are eligible to send enquiries, post business leads and respond to other leads. Please click here to create your account.

If I am charged nothing now, what will I be charged in future?

For sellers, if you wish to avail more benefits than the “Basic” Package, you can opt for package upgradation at a nominal fee. Check out the packages that AlCircleBiz has in offer for you and choose the one which you think will be most beneficial for your business. To check out the available packages, click here

For buyers, it is always free!

Is there any limitation on the maximum number of inquiries that I can send to buyers’?

Yes, there are limitations on the maximum number inquiries you can send to buyers. The limitations depend on the package you have selected. To reach out to maximum number of buyers, you need to upgrade your package. To check out the available packages, click here

How can I put my product at top of the list?

You can put your product / selling lead at the top in two ways. You can either opt for the priority listing feature that AlCircleBiz offers which will help your product to feature at the top, or you can upgrade your package which will have the priority listing feature bundled with a host of other benefits.

How can I put my buying lead / selling lead at the top of the list?

You can put your buying lead / selling lead at the top in two ways. Firstly, keep your listings updated and complete. Secondly, upgrade your package.

What are the different kinds of advertisement spaces that I can choose on AlCircleBiz?

Advertisements help to increase visibility of your product. When millions of active of users browses and searches for items, promoted advertisements will help to increase the chance of sale. To know different advertisement options available on AlCircleBiz, please click here

Can I block inquiries from unwanted sellers / buyers?

Yes, you can report inquiries by clicking on the report option against unwanted sellers / buyers. Alternatively, you can reach out to us anytime to report any inquiry. You can also call us @ +91 7439512079 or write to us at enquiry@alcirclebiz.com

I do not have a website; can I still sell on AlCircleBiz?

You do not need website to sell on our platform. All you have to do is create a profile on AlCircleBiz and list your products with maximum information and that’s all. One of the benefits of associating with AlCircleBiz is also that we will create a company webpage for you which in fact you can use as your website in future.

What are Surplus products

‘Surplus products’ is a dedicated section in AlCircleBiz home page to showcase all the special requirements that a buyer or a seller might have. If you have any specific buying or selling requirement that, you feel, needs wider attention of audience, you can post the same in the Surplus products section.

Can I offer both products and services on AlCircleBiz?

Yes, you can offer both products and services. AlCircleBiz covers the entire value chain of non-ferrous metal. As you can see in our categories, we offer all products starting from mining till end-user, all kind of machineries and equipment, products from all associated and ancillary industries and also utility and services.



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